Monday, March 28, 2016

Exposing Rip Off Report

From time to time we hear someone asking us about something what they've read on Rip off Report owned and operated by ED Magedson, let's start with ED and his site of ROR in what other businesses have to say about him and his personal interactions with them at, not very complementary if you ask me. Ok, here's a link that tells you about all the shady things he's up to in my opinion regarding this link provided for you here at: and in this link provided for you at this following link of : and lastly at:

All right let's get ready to show ED Magedson and rip off reports for who and what they really are by checking out this front page of Rip Off Report it states and I quote:Ripoff Report is a worldwide consumer reporting Web site and publication, by consumers, for consumers, to file and document complaints about companies or individuals, “While we encourage and even require authors to only file truthful reports, Ripoff Report does not guarantee that all reports are authentic or accurate, end quote.

Even though, ROR may be a worldwide web site like any other online operators operating a business on the world wide web, it's a matter of FACT that it's NOT an official consumer reporting agency as it claims such as the B.B.B would be that is. The same B.B.B. That shows us 50 plus complaints against rip off report at : .
No, rip off report is nothing but a trash site unless we would consider the “ National Enquirer”to be a consumer reporting web site or reporting agency, ROR is nothing but a open gossip forum that offers a fertile ground for complaints that encourages false statements from angry people simply by, not fact checking its reports. As far as ROR statements go in being a world wide publication, I would question the semantics of this as well simply because they seem to be dropping on the search engines due to their lack of popularity these days.

I would say that this is just another fancy word for web site that generates post, or has material posted on others from still yet, others to read. Post made by itself or others that may, or may not be true or accurate without a fault, a site that tells you straight up that they can't guarantee that any or all their posted reports are accurate or even true simply because, they don't have the resources to fact check the reports made on their site.

Ok, here's what the U.S Constitution says about libel or slander and I quoteIn Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc. (1974), the Supreme Court decided that there is "no constitutional value in false statements of fact".[5] However, this is not a concrete rule as the Court has struggled with how much of the "speech that matters" can be put at risk in order to punish a falsehood. 6]The Supreme Court has established a complex framework in determining which types of false statements are unprotected. [7] There are four such areas which the Court has been explicit about. First, false statements of fact that are said with a "sufficiently culpable mental state" can be subject to civil or criminal liability. [8] Secondly, knowingly making a false statement of fact can almost always be punished. For example, libel and slander. law are permitted under this category. Third, negligently false statements of fact may lead to civil liability in some instances. [9] Additionally, some implicit statements of fact—those that may just have a "false factual connotation"—still could fall under this exception." end quote

Ok, why is ED Magedson and ROR allowed to post and publish possible libel material about other companies and private individuals ? Well, they firstly exercise their 1 st amendment right to free speech, they claim that they are not making any libel and or, lying statements about others in themselves on the site of ROR however, they again state that they can't check for libel statements coming from others because their site of ROR is just to big to fact check and thus, they by this are indirectly implying that others are possibly making liable statements on their site unbeknownst to them about other people and companies.

ROR and ED Magedson takes advantage of something called the federal communications act as seen in this link provided for you here at : to which, affords ED and ROR a back door away from the claims of libel statements made against them personally because as ED often says, we don't make these statements or post them and or, we just post them as statements coming from others unrelated from ourselves and again, statements coming from others whom we think has a legitimate public concern .

Let's see what ED says about the federal Whistle-blowers act and I quote: Employees who want to expose corruption may file a Ripoff Report. Any employees who do so should be protected by Federal Whistle-blower Laws, and Ripoff Report treats all victims as a confidential source. We will protect our sources under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution” end quote.

Ok, here's the real federal communications act that allows certain and qualified folks to remain anonymous and or, people who wish to avoid retaliation from federal employers for any creditable reports they might make of fraud or corruption of any kind against these federal agencies at this link provided for you here at: I really don't see how this private LLC company being rip off report can apply these federal laws to itself but I guess, other people also have wondered about this and not leaving out, all the lawsuits filed against ED and his site of ROR by still yet others over the years as seen here at : .

Again, Rip Off Report is a LLC and or, small company like any other company, a llc company without special ties to any government agencies, A government agency that encourages people to tell the truth but what happens when folks make untruthful post against others such as on a site like ROR ? People making post that just have a hateful grudge, people lying about others on ror ? and I again quote rip off report, as stating: Read what you can and make your decision based upon an examination of all available information” ,end of quote. What if there's no response from the company, then what ? And the answer is, the company gets hurt without every knowing why.
So in essence, what ED is telling us in this paragraph can be construed as he can't guarantee that what your reading on his site is either true or factual information or to put it another way, fact from libel, truth from lie yet, he ask you to read it anyway to draw your own conclusions from what your reading be it true or false and thus, if a reader of the complaint posted on rip off report isn't familiar with the company or private individual that has been posted on in a truthful or accurate way, then they just might assume the worst if their reading false or libel information about that other person or company, correct ?

And I quote rip off report as stating Your Ripoff Report will be discovered by millions of consumers! Search engines will automatically discover most reports, meaning that within just a few days or weeks, your report may be found on search engines when consumers search, using key words relating to your Ripoff Report ” end quote. So, a poster can make a post on anyone they like for free and then, have it spammed all over the web without having the content of their post checked for accuracy of fact while the author of the post, hides behind anonymity no less and hence, a perfect recipe for disaster.

In summery, ED Magedson of rip off report provides a forum in where anyone can assume an account, obtain a fictitious name and location, where a person can make a post be it truthful or out-right lie, without ever being fact checked to make sure it is a creditable post coming from a truthful person and moreover, a libel or creditable post that will be spammed under someone's personal name or companies business name that are often times, and typically are not aware of the negative post made against them by a disgruntled person hiding behind a fake user name and location.

And I quote rip off report stating “ Helping you, the consumer... Search the Ripoff Report before you do business with retail stores with bad return policies, checking & credit theft, rebate fraud or other unscrupulous business policies such as phony auto repairs, auto dealer bait-and-switch tactics, restaurants with bad service or food, corrupt government employees & politicians, police corruption, home builders, contractors, unethical doctors & lawyers, online stores that sell non-existent products, dead beat dads & moms, landlords & tenants, fraudulent employment & business opportunities, and individual con artists who scam consumers”, Really, How can ror help anyone with the trash they allow to be posted?

So basically, this is a open forum in where any disgruntled person can go to vent their anger be it a truthful or lying statement against anyone they choose and again, someone can make a really nasty complaint against even a little school girl or the President of the United States. And here I go quoting rip off report again:
Filing a class action lawsuit & notifying the authorities Many law firms and law enforcement agencies utilize Ripoff Report to aid in their investigations of business practices”. “By filing a report, your information may aid in pursing civil or criminal proceedings against companies engaged in wrongdoing”. “Ripoff Report has been contacted by almost every state Attorney Generals office, U.S. Postal Inspectors office, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, FBI, FTC and local and state authorities, including those in Canada, UK, Australia, and other government agencies around the world,end quote.
I don't doubt that many law enforcement agencies are contacting ED Magedson and his site of rip off report, but I don't think their contacting rip off report regarding other companies engaged in wrong doing more so, then trying to serve and arrest ED Magedson himself as you can read on these links below at: and .

Quoting rip off report “ often the media is interested in the reports you filed and ask us to assist in their investigations giving you the publicity needed to help your cause”.” In the event your Ripoff Report is of interest to the media, we will put you in contact with them”. “We also supply story ideas along with victim information to every network and most local affiliates and to every major TV News Magazine including Dateline, 20/20, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, Inside Edition, W2 Canada, CNN, along with most major news papers including”, “NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money, Inc. and hundreds of others”,end quote.

Quite honestly, I contacted ED Magedson on and off from 2007 to 2011, and he never offered us any media contact information or otherwise gave us a bit of helpful information concerning legal firms that could help in resolving a issue that we had with a online troll, a issues that ED Magedson was well aware of, A troll that I had spoken to him about on several occasions that made 64 negative libel master post on our small business over the years. Yet, I have seen many media agencies run uncomplimentary stories on ED Magedson and rip off reports, including CNN and Fox news, if my memory serves me correctly to which I believe it does.

It's true in that, ED does afford businesses and private individuals alike a chance to defend themselves on rip off report in that, the business or private person can make a rebuttal against the ghost poster of the negative content under their anonymous name and location but what he doesn't tell you is that, by making the rebuttal it only increases the espouser of the negative post on the search engines along with your response to it and so, your damned if you don't defend yourself, and damned if you do defend yourself on rip off report, when it comes to the negative content that ROR allows on their sites.

Quoting rip off report “ If you want to do more than file a rebuttal, you might consider using Ripoff Report’s VIP Arbitration Program . “The arbitration program gives you the opportunity to prove, through a neutral third-party arbitrator, that the report about you is false”. “Ripoff Report developed the program in response to phone calls and emails from businesses like you – those who have worked hard to create a good reputation and are having that reputation unjustly tarnished because of a false posting on Ripoff Report.,end of quote.

So, ED Magedson is implying here that he is aware that some post on rip off report are libel and or, not totally truthful against a person and company existing on ror and moreover, as he had previously stated above quoting: “Ripoff Report does not guarantee that all reports are authentic or accurate end of quote. So my question is, if a person has written libel trash about a company or individual behind a fictitious user name then how would any advocacy program help anyone ? simply because, the person posting the lie knows their lying and won't come forward as this is the whole point behind anonymity, right ?

I mean, it's about saying, writing anything you want about anyone you want without them ever knowing you said or wrote it and so again, why would they want to face you ? Especially when they in-fact know that they are lying about a person or company in a effort to tarnish a reputation.
Quoting rip off report Because Ripoff Report has never had the internal resources to investigate reports that a business claims is false, it has always permitted the subject of the report to file its own, free, Rebuttal”. “But some of you feel that is not enough.” “You have asked for more. You want the ability to prove it is false. You want an independent investigation. Perhaps most importantly, you want the false statements of fact removed. We listened to your concerns and launched VIP Arbitration in response”., end quote.

Well, ED has stated over and over again that no post will ever be removed no matter what and the best that anyone can hope for after paying out a lot of money through his offered programs is that, the header of the report will be changed, the on-site arbitrator will find a company or person innocent or guilty and yet after all this, the negative report will remain on air regarding internet snapshot along with additional information in which, will only cause the whole mess to rank even higher on the Google and Yahoo search engines for all to read over a persons or companies name, even though they say the negative reports statements will be redacted.

My question would be why ? Why would anyone want an investigation coming from a site that was responsible in publishing the trash statements of someone else in the first place against a company or private person and the answer is, you got me.

ED, also would have us believe that his arbitrators have extensive experience and or, implies that his arbitrators have experience as real practicing judges in a court room yet, who are these arbitrators ? We never spoke to anyone like this in our experience over the years in speaking to ED, just encouragement coming from him in attempting in getting us to engage in his advocacy program to which, we refused and told him that we weren't paying out one red cent for the removal of libel post against us posted on his site.

Really, all we received from ED was a request for money and or, suggestions that we go through his advocacy program, and that's it. I think it's time for ED to put his money where his mouth is concerning real ways to resolve libel statements on his site against other private individuals and companies without charging anyone anything and why ? Because he says he's interested in justice right, or is he? and then of course, there's the initial filing fee of $2000.00 for the arbitrator he provides.

So, Who are these Arbitrators ? ED would need to prove who they are to the public via providing the public at large with their posted qualification and résumé, make known the name of the complainant and further, who the money is actually paid to, or where actually ends up, and how much money he receives out of the deal, don't you agree ?

Quoting rip off report front pageThe arbitrator then reviews all of the submissions and renders a written decision”. “In the event that the arbitrator determines that the challenged statements of fact in the Report are true, there will be no updates or changes to the website”. If the Arbitrator finds that statements in the Report are false, the title of the Report will be updated, posting this phrase BEFORE the original title”:"Notice of Arbitrator Decision: A neutral and independent arbitrator has determined that the following Report contained one or more false statements of fact. The false statements have been redacted."A summary of the arbitrator’s decision will be posted after the title and before the original content of the report”. “Any statements of fact that the arbitrator determines to be false will be removed (((REDACTED))) from the original report” ,end of quote.

Ok, rip off report is basically saying that all the trash post made on a person or company will never be removed that is, unless you go through a in-house rip off report justice system and pay out $2000.00 or more to this unknowable person sitting in judgment of you and then, should this person like you, and enough money has been paid out top them, then all the negative false statements will be “Define redacted” through this VIP Arbitration Program,or Corporate Advocacy program.

Why are complaints filed on ROR against private Individuals ? People that have never owned a business anywhere or at anytime, people who just work full time jobs whom are not employers nor have any superiority over others in the work place ? Yet, remains a site in where someone in grad-school can get up there on this forum to harass, badger and libel another minor even though, ror has a little box you can check to confirm that your 18 or older that never confirms the age of the poster, just a thought.

Again quoting Rip Off Report DOING BUSINESS WITH THE COMPANY OR INDIVIDUAL REPORTED Consumers, just because a company or individual is reported on Rip-off Report does not necessarily mean you should not do business with them”. “In many cases, it’s just the opposite. Just because a company is posted on Rip-off Report does not mean they are "bad". At some point in time, everyone has felt like they've been ripped off, when that may not have been the case”. Not everything published on the Internet, or local newspapers, or local TV news is always true.” ,end quote.

Ok, I have to give it to ED here as he is again, is telling everyone that some statements on rip off reports aren't true and that just because someone posted trash on the site of ror against a company or person, this doesn't mean that it's true or that you shouldn't deal with that company or person.

In the following statement of rip off report and quoting ror “ Let the reported business know you’ve read complaints about them, that you would like to do business with them, and get affirmation from the company that if you do business with them, they will do right by you”. “Let them know that if they treat you right, you will log on to Rip-off Report and tell the world what a great experience you’ve had” ,end of quote, this all most never happens in that people return back to rip off report to make positive comment about your company or to correct a liable statement they've made about someone.

Good companies will treat you right anyway without confronting them with a negative post written by a unknown person with unproven accusations that you've found on a site like ror. Just a side note here, you judge a company or service according to the products or services they offer period and NOT, by some online trash that's been posted about the company itself. If a company doesn't hold up to their end of the bargain then, there's always the federal trade commission at: to file a complaint with that will bring justice to your situation.

Rip off report claims to be a lot of things on air, claims that it can do a lot of things for folks if the price is right, offers itself as a makeshift online justice system that apparently falls short for the few that can pay, and totally ignores the many who can't. ROR, is not, the court system or a law enforcement agency and has no connections to it as far as I know. The court system is the court system and a LLC web site, is only another online limited liability company company like ror, a company trying to generate income through what many companies on the internet concede to be, using unethical business practices to make money off the public.

In the quote below, ED and or, ROR is asking that a person never call the company while demanding satisfaction of their complaint however,  that a person report the company on rip off report first through a permanent complaint and then, send a fax to the company itself telling them of the report. Well, who's to say that if the person did contact the company that their complaint wouldn't be satisfied on the spot as most companies are really good about this.

To post a complaint on ROR, is putting the company or person on the spot but more so, yields ror an opportunity in making money off a bad situation and lastly, a situation that will seldom if ever give anyone but ror satisfaction through monetary gain. So in short, go to the company first, then the federal trade commission if that doesn't work that is,  if your serious about solving your legitimate complaints. Again, read what is stated on ror in the following quote below.

Quoting rip off report at “ YOU MUST NOT call them threatening to file a report if they do not comply with your demands, as this may be construed as blackmail! You must first file a Ripoff Report, then fax them a copy, offering them a chance to rectify the wrong that they did to you”. “Explain that then, and only then, you will UPDATE your Ripoff Report in a positive way, if deserved”,End of quote.

Reputation management sites and online attorneys are basically a huge waste of time and money and why ? as the attorneys and law firms end up making the money from the company without ever really being successful in sewing for online liable and slander and again why ? Because of the first amendment even though, liable and slander aren't protected speech under this amendment according to the United States Constitution , the courts aren't geared to deal with online liable.

These cases aren't usually successful simply because there are no big fees to be gained for the legal firms and thus they won't take the case especially if, there's some mentally ill person with no resources to sue for damages. The reputation management companies are useless as well according to this article in Forbes at:

ED claims to be a upstanding law abiding citizen of the United States whom only wants to help consumers avoid being scammed but here's a rather disturbing federal warrant for his arrest issued in 2014 at this link provided for you at :  and here at : . It's really alarming because it implies that ED Magedson is engaged in a lot of different things but a bit of fair warning for you, this thing is long but be patient because it really shows you the character of Mr. Magedson by outlining some of the activities the state and federal government is accusing him of in this e active federal warrant.

Now, I thought this page to be particularly interesting to read being “Internet Defamation: A Case Blog” at this link of : because it really caught my attention when the author stated that “There is current evidence that Magedson actually paid a troll who was publishing content on Ripoff Report to include photos of minors because he was ‘angry’ with the children’s father.” end of quote. I found it interesting because we ourselves, thought the same thing at the time and why ? because when we refused to pay Magedson to correct the libel problem about us on his site it only got worse as the Troll posted more and more trash to which, fell on Magedson's deaf ear.

Of course, we've had existing negative libel reports on us starting back in 2007 to the current date of 2015 and throughout the years, I've often wondered if ED was using a particular troll against us by the name of Mary Prantil as you can read about here at a TROLL from San Diego that lived in Astoria new York fro some years.

I've also wondered who these rip off report monitors are on his site, the same monitors that seem to stir conflict by posting nasty comments against both sides of the dispute to keep it going, it must be a pretty good job for these same site monitors to stay with rip off reports for seven and eight years straight but there again perhaps, the monitors are just another name for ED Magedson and the mentioned trolls he possibly uses according to the Authors statement above.

So, by the preponderance of the evidence we have concluded ED Magedson is wanted on criminal felony charges and he's running from the law rather then working with the justice system, we've noticed that one of the news channels being CNN and other media outlets aren't promoting him rather then warning the public against him and or, reporting on people whom have opened up lawsuits against him and lastly, people who have been sued for others posting libel content on rip off report against legitimate people and companies.
All this gives me reason to believe that ED Magedson has witness tampered in a homicide case, threatened and bullied private persons and companies according to a federal set of criminal charges against him not leaving out, the federal search warrant filed by the government to go after his hard drives.

Mr. Magedson, has been accused of fraud, extortion bulling, posting personal information and over all, unethical business practices but last but not least, he has a whole slew of bad reviews on his personal character and web site that you can view just by punching in the name Ed Magedson, should you decide to go and see page after page of bad reviews or consumer complaints against him and his site.

My questions at this point would be, if ED Magedson is so on the up and up, and a all around good guy as he proclaims to be, a good guy out to help the public and or, to save everyone from being scammed then why, is he hiding out from law enforcement and the courts, why don't we see positive reviews on him in social media and or the mainstream media and lastly, why is he being sued constantly for the libel post on his site of rip off report but there again, nice guys take down lying post without charging people hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it like ED charges, wouldn't you agree ? Sure you do because your a nice person that doesn't believe in ripping people off.

Why are official state and federal sites rebuking him, why are his old and new criminal records being posted online. Really, just on the circumstantial evidence, I would have to conclude that rip off report is not only a dangerous site but like its owner ED Magedson, is not a credible source to find out about anything especially, a business that your considering doing business with. Below, are just a few of the links you may wish to read should you be inclined to still think that the site of rip off reports and its owner Ed Magedson are a good sources to obtain your information from even after reading the links above.

You know, most of the businesses online provide their business addresses, addresses that they have had for years and curiously enough, I wonder why ED Magedson doesn't provide his business address that goes directly to him or his home residence and or, why does he insist on meeting reporters in fast food joints instead of a news studio, or in his home like other people of media interest do. does NOT participate in the Consumer Affairs accreditation program